In order to disseminate the research results in the field of humanities and social sciences, academics and researchers are welcome to submit an electronic version of the manuscript as MS Word attachment to the following e-mail addresses:,
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The submission of an article for publication in our journal implies that it has not been published before, nor is being considered for publication in other journals. Authors are responsible for the content and the originality of their contributions. In order to be published, articles must be thoroughly researched and referenced. Book or article reviews express the reviewer's personal opinion and do not, necessarily, express the views of editors.


All manuscripts must be edited entirely in English and should, generally, not be longer than 10,000 words (approx. 15 - 20 pages, A4), including references. Manuscripts must be typewritten and single spaced according to the following format: Microsoft Word, Page Setup 21 x 29.7 cm; Top 2.5; Bottom 2.5.; Left 2.0; Right 2.0; Times New Roman, 12 pts., Single space). If you use Office 2007, please make sure to save your files in a format that is compatible with Office 1997-2003. If special characters in your Word file become corrupted during the online submission process, you may submit your own PDF of the file, in addition to the Word file.


1) Title (Times New Roman 14 pts., bold, centered);
2) Author(s)'s name and affiliation (Times New Roman 12 pts., bold);
3) Abstract (maximum 200 words, in English, Times New Roman 11 pts., regular, justified, Indentation - Left by 1.25 cm);
4) Keywords (up to 10 words, in English, Times New Roman 10 pts., regular, justified, Indentation - Left by 1.25 cm);
5) Acknowledgments (if any);
6) Main body of text (Times New Roman 12 pts., regular, justified, special indentation - First line by 1.25 cm);
7) Footnotes (if any, Times New Roman 10 pts, regular, justified);
8) Illustrations (graphs, diagrams), must be submitted in electronic version, in JPG format, with indications of their position in the text. They must be referred to as Figures and numbered consecutively using Arabic numerals. Figure titles must be provided as text, separated from the figure object itself, and placed under the figures;
9) Tables must be numbered consecutively with Arabic numbers and should not repeat data available elsewhere in the text. Table titles must be placed above the tables.
10) References must be indicated in the text between brackets and they must include the author's name, year of the publication and page (Eliade, 1969, p. 5). When three or more authors are refereed, they will appear in the text as follows: (Long et al., 1997, pp. 5-7).
11) References are listed in alphabetical order at the end of the text (Times New Roman 11 pts., Special indentation - Hanging by 1.25 cm). The following style sheet is recommended:
For books: Eliade, Mircea, The Quest. History and Meaning in Religion, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1969.
For articles in a journal: Bellah, R.N., "Civil religion in America", Daedalus, 96 (1) 1-21, 1967.
For papers from conference: Eck, Diana, "A New Geo-Religious Reality" (paper presented at the World Conference on Religion and Peace, Sixth World Assembly, Riva del Garda, Italy, November 1994).
For electronic references: M.N. Chatterjee, "Rabindranath Tagore: Spiritual Insight in Tagore's Works" (, accessed: 24 October 2009).
12) The article should be accompanied by a short CV of the author, which must include author's scientific title, affiliation (institution), postal address, e-mail address and recent works (Times New Roman 10 pts., regular, justified).
13) All the quotes from other languages must be translated into English.